Nature & inspiration 

about_nature_023_cropSince early childhood, Julie has always enjoyed and appreciated the beauty of nature, strongly influenced by her parents’ keen interest and observations. Born in Plymouth, Devon and moving to Dorset in her twenties, she has held a passion for the South West coast and countryside, where she enjoys quiet walks.


Inspired by the changing light, the open skies, – particularly over the sea – often paintings are capturing the mood, feeling or essence of a place.


From observing small flowers or shells on pondering walks, to exploring the wilderness of Dartmoor landscapes or the rugged coastlines of Cornwall, she hopes to capture in her art, some of the beauty of the natural environment. Dorset offers a beautiful coastline, with chalk and limestone ridges and the rolling hills of Cranborne Chase. Always collecting small finds from nature, natural designs are a fascination and patterns of nature keep re-appearing in her work. Julie is not afraid to admit that she has retained her childlike wonder for simplicity and beauty.